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Mediation over Litigation

Every once in a while I am reminded about how energizing it is to meet with other professionals. In this case, it was both my friend and fellow lawyer, G. Keith Gambrel. Keith, an attorney who practices exclusively in Kentucky, and I, who practices exclusively in Ohio, like to meet and share strategies that best help our clients.

Keith has built a very successful mediation practice in the area of domestic relations and divorce. His speciality is that he can quickly, but sensitively, "cut through the emotions" that can go along with severing the relationship between two parties. Mediation works long-term because it keeps a focus on what is best for both parties, both emotionally and financially. Both sides get heard by an independent, experienced lawyer, and the results are put to paper. And it's all done quickly, which cuts down on costs for everyone.

For anyone needing Kentucky law advice, please consider reaching out to attorney G. Keith Gambrel for mediation services.

And of course, for my Ohio readers, please keep The Hutchins Firm in mind for your next legal dispute. We can craft terms that fit your life, roll up our sleeves and get to work. Your problem gets solved quickly, and you are ready for life's next adventure.

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